Don’t mess with Texas

The state flag flies proudly in the bed of a pickup truck as Texas’ Oil Bowl players pile in following a blistery workout.
Texans are notorious for overt gestures of state pride.
Problem is, Oklahoma’s Oil Bowl players are fuming, having seen the blatant display.

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Oklahoma ends Texas win streak, 24-21

Michael Wright, Times Record News

WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Oklahoma squashed Texas’ bid for a fourth-straight victory in Saturday’s 66th Annual Oil Bowl at Memorial Stadium.
Deer Creek’s Luke Roberts booted a 47-yard field goal with 3:43 left to play to give Oklahoma a 24-21 win in an exciting shootout that saw Texas rebound from a 21-13 fourth-quarter deficit to tie up the score with 7:15 remaining.
Texas’ Taurance Rawls scored on a 1-yard burst with Holliday’s Lee Price missing the point after, making it 21-21.
Holliday’s Price kicked a pair of third-quarter field goals to give Texas a 13-7 lead. His first came on a 25-yarder with 7:14 remaining in the quarter.

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Nothing small about Woods’ resume

Twice this week I have heard Donovan Woods’ high school football career described as “a man among boys.”
The first time an Oklahoma friend of mine used the phrase to question whether Woods, a great quarterback in his state’s Class 2A division, could have been that great playing at the 5A or 6A level.

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The Battle Plan

Denton Ryan QB could give Texas big edge in Oil Bowl
Nick Gholson

If the 66th Oil Bowl game goes down to the wire Saturday night, Texas will have a big advantage.
That advantage is named James Battle.
No high school quarterback in the state of Texas was better at crunch time in big games the last three years than this kid from Denton Ryan.
Turn back the clock to 2000 and the Class 4A Division I quarterfinals. Battle’s quarterback sneak on the last play of the game beat Corsicana 33-29.

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