Nick Gholson
Times Record News
Jason Fox watched the last minutes of Texas’ 17-0 shutout standing on the sidelines.

The big North Crowley tackle was ejected for a cheap shot. He was the only player kicked out of the 69th Oil Bowl Saturday night.

There could have been several more.

This game won’t be remembered for great defense – although Texas had one.

It won’t be remembered for great offense – although Dimitri Nance is one heck of a running back.

It won’t even be remembered for the 10,000 empty seats that made this the lowest-attended Oil Bowl ever.

No, the estimated 4,800 fans who witnessed this game will remember it for being quite possibly the dirtiest of the 69 games.

There were nine personal foul penalties called – five against Texas and four against Oklahoma – accounting for 126 about-face yards. Three of them came on one crazy play with 2:54 to go in the opening quarter, pushing the Texans from the Oklahoma 10 back to their own 45.

“It was a cheap shot, but I was taking up for my guy. Bryce (Buford). He had my back earlier in the game. I had his on the last one,” Fox said of his ejection.

“Yeah, they got a couple cheap shots on me, but I got mine in, too. It evened out,” added Buford, a center from Southlake Carroll.

Oklahoma’s Brett Knight just smiled when the “dirty” word was mentioned.

“It’s Oklahoma vs. Texas. That just gets your juices flowing,” he said.

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