By:  Judith McGinnis
June 14, 2014

The cheers and excitement of the 2014 Oil Bowl will eventually fade away, but miracles at Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston, beneficiary of the game, will go on.

“Many people recognize Shriners only for the fezzes and little cars in parades but the efforts of our members provide critical medical care for children across the U. S. at 22 Shrine hospitals,” said Dustin Johnson, spokesman for the Galveston hospital.  “That’s why fundraisers like the Oil Bowl are so important.  No matter what a family’s situation, they can get the care they need for their child.”

Annual operating budgets for all Shriners hospitals are estimated $860 million a year.

Working at Galveston, Johnson says he sees the bravery of children facing years long treatment for burns, often resulting from scalds and house fires.

The facility also provides management of complicated wounds (delayed healing, amputations, exposed vessels or nerves), congenital malformations (craniofacial  cq and ear deformities, port wine stains), and soft tissue conditions (infections, flesh-eating bacteria, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome).

Because many families must drive to Galveston for treatment, local Shrine groups reimburse travel expenses.

“The Oil Bowl is a wonderful opportunity for families to have fun and join Shriners in their mission to change the lives of children in need,” said Johnson.