2020s Volleyball

2020 Volleyball History
As with so many events in 2020, after plans were made and players chosen, the 2020 Oil Bowl Girls Volleyball Games had to be canceled due to the Covid Pandemic.  We are proud to announce the following athletes were selected to play in 2020 and we congratulate them on their achievements.

Big School – East: Ashanti Davis – WFHS, Kelsea Armstrong – Burkburnett, Jadyn Euland – Hirschi, Carli Smith – Jacksboro, Landra Parr – Bowie, Allie Miller – Holliday, Madison Lowery – Decatur, Haleigh Hogan – Henrietta, Chloe Menard – Graham, Alex Husen – Graham

Big School – West: Emily Stolt – Rider, Anna Grace Beshear – Rider, Cameron Garza – Vernon, Kayla Gerstner – WFHS, Ambree Anderle – Burkburnett, Skyy Lee – Hirschi, Morgyn Green – Jacksboro, Aslyn Davis – Bowie, Ella Nunneley – Nocona, Baylee Pierce – Henrietta, Gracie Story – Holliday

Small School – East: Cassidy Grewing – Lindsay, Raeley Mataska – Petrolia, Kyla Jones – Bryson, Nicole Tinerella – Gold-Burg, Hannah Manos – Newcastle, Shelby Hood – Chico, Brenn Myers – Electra

Small School – West: Kaylee Colwell – Lindsay, Savannah Hawkins – Benjamin, Kelli Tucker – Perrin, Lindy Reid – Archer City, Morgan Abernathy – Northside, CeCe Mahin – Prairie Valley, Kora Pennartz – Windthorst

2021 Volleyball History
Saturday afternoon started with small school volleyball with the East winning in two sets, 25-19 & 25-21.  Next up was the West all stars only victory.  They defeated the East in the Large School Volleyball 25-23 & 25-19.  Both volleyball games were really amazing to watch.  As you can see by the scores all 4 sets were extremely close.

2022 Volleyball History
Starting with the Small School game.  The teams were evenly matched.  Late in the 1st set the East pulled away by 7 points.  The West rallied and came within 3 points, but the East pulled out the win.  The East won the first set 25-20 and the second set 25-19.  Moving on to the Large School games, the 1st set was dominated by Rider’s Maegan Lacy and Henrietta’s Kimora Carter.  They led the West to take set 1 by a score of 25-17.  The 2nd set Sadie Portmann of Rider and Sadie Kabisch of Henrietta made sure that they went to a 3rd with a score of West 17 East 25.  The West then showed how bad they wanted the win by sealing the match with the 3rd set 15-3.

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